Word Craze Level 477 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 477 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • A year before senior and a year after sophomore : JUNIOR
  • Aircraft are kept in these (not objects used to hang clothes!) : HANGARS
  • Structure built over a river for cars or people to cross : BRIDGE
  • What type of flowers are these? : LILIES
  • Zinedine ______, French soccer player with a famous head-butt; current manager of Real Madrid : ZIDANE
  • A ritual used to expel evil spirits : EXORCISM
  • A worker can be paid on a salary or ______ basis : HOURLY
  • To find a person guilty of a crime : CONVICT

Version 2

  • What bone is used in this custom? : WISHBONE
  • In the US, the police has to read the _______ Warning to people being arrested : MIRANDA
  • What is this person reading by? : MOONLIGHT
  • In basketball, multiple retrievals of the ball after missed shots : REBOUNDS
  • Hey! I’m ______ here! – Dustin Hoffman, “Midnight Cowboy” : WALKING
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger served as one for California : GOVERNOR
  • Contains everything in existence : UNIVERSE
  • The one you root against in a film : VILLAIN
  • A petrol or gasoline bomb in a bottle; also known as a “Molly” : MOLOTOV
  • What kind of ruler is this child dressed as? : PHARAOH
  • A ____ ____ is a common celebratory gesture; don’t leave me hanging! : HIGHFIVE
  • Musical plays accompanied by orchestras : OPERAS
  • The practice of dressing up as a character in a book, movie, TV show, or video game : COSPLAY

Cross Puzzle :

  • Chop finely, as meat for a patty : MINCE
  • Semisolid food made from cornmeal : MUSH
  • Sir ___ Newton : ISAAC
  • ___ Sweet (artificial sweetener) : NUTRA
  • Bit of bread that may form a trail? : CRUMB
  • House actor Omar ___ : EPPS
  • Seize power from a king : USURP
  • ___ and took notice (turned attention to): 2 wds. : SATUP
  • The kids are out of ___ way. (away from danger) : HARMS
  • Transport from an airport, often : CAB

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