Word Craze Level 464 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 464 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • Professionals who collect and record information for news agencies to distribute to the public : JOURNALISTS
  • A term for all the living things and their interactions on and with the Earth : ECOSPHERE
  • Popular rice dish from Louisiana cooked with meat and vegetables mixed in : JAMBALAYA
  • In computing, an online community of people with similar interests : USERGROUP
  • Suited for both land and water : AMPHIBIOUS
  • What is this type of fast food? : CHEESEBURGER
  • An negative emotional state of perceived isolation and solitude : LONELINESS
  • What is this data processing tool? : SPREADSHEET
  • Objects with designs focused on human comfort and efficiency are this : ERGONOMIC
  • Aubrey Vincent _________, famous illustrator who collaborated with Oscar Wilde : BEARDSLEY

Version 2

  • : FROM
  • [Anagram] Like a shape, but in three dimensions : FORM
  • [Amend] On behalf of : FOR
  • [Amend] A typical violin has this many strings : FOUR
  • [Amend] The flavor of limes : SOUR
  • [Amend] Go sight-seeing : TOUR
  • [Amend] Sounds like the word for 60 minutes : OUR
  • [Amend] If you get 3 strikes in baseball, you’re this : OUT
  • [Amend] Mope : POUT
  • [Amend] The itsy bitsy spider went up one : SPOUT

Cross Puzzle :

  • Member belonging to a group of people who all went to the same school : Abbr. : ALUM
  • The feeling of amazement or being wonderstruck : AWE
  • Actress ___ Tyler from “LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring” : LIV
  • The art of being able to respond to an oncoming attack in Judo : UKE
  • Glass object that is often used to figure out how one is looking at a particular moment : MIRROR
  • Fog that has combined with excessive smoke in the air, often leading to a lot of lung diseases : SMOG
  • ___-fi (futuristic genre) : SCI
  • French eatery : CAFE
  • Technology employed in most TV remote controllers : INFRARED
  • One of the most commonly used conditional statements in programming : ELSE
  • Term for novels when they are read on Kindle : EBOOKS
  • Actor Jared ___, who played a transgender woman in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club” : LETO
  • Mix repeatedly over a period of time, so as to avoid “clumping” : STIR
  • Being able to do a task quickly : EASE
  • The most popular “free online encyclopedia”, for short : WIKI
  • Adam was the first of this kind : MAN
  • ___ version (testing phase of an app) : BETA
  • Are we ___ going to get some rain? : EVER
  • Something about Pete seemed ____ to me, I was getting very bad vibes from him : OFF
  • A 164 year old American company that focuses on “Moving People” horizontally and vertically : OTIS
  • Actor from the TV series “The Saint”, who has played the role of James Bond in seven movies : 2 wds. : ROGERMOORE
  • Human-like creature in fantasy : ORC
  • The sound a cow makes : MOO
  • A scheduled meeting : Abbr. : APPT
  • A chameleon of characters : ACTOR
  • 204 year old bank, founded in New York : CITI
  • A group of people working towards a similar goal : TEAM
  • Perfectly fine : 2 wds. : AOK
  • Actor from “Mamma Mia!”, who has played James Bond in four movies : 2 wds. : PIERCEBROSNAN
  • Something or someone, that has been given special abilities : ENHANCED
  • The Turkish title for a tribal leader : BEY
  • NBA team, one of whose mascots is Duncan the Dragon : NETS
  • Typically, French cooking requires you to use ___ of butter : 2 wds. : ALOT
  • 2009 animated post-apocalyptic movie, produced by Tim Burton : NINE
  • ___ meetings are usually held in the evening after school hours : Abbr. : PTA
  • Word used to identify a woman by her maiden name : NEE
  • Actor ___ Roth : ELI
  • Actor from “Wuthering Heights”, who has played James Bond in two films: 2 wds. : TIMOTHYDALTON
  • Genesis : ORIGIN
  • Movie starring Mark Wahlberg, about the relationship between a boy and his live teddy bear : TED
  • Simian animal : APE
  • The Eagle has ___, 1976 film starring Michael Caine : LANDED
  • Mens ___, the latin word that means “Of guilty mind” : REA
  • To pound something into a very smooth form, often used for recipes in making a curry : PASTE
  • Spanish surrealist painter, who often created striking and bizarre images : DALI
  • Actor from “Separate Tables”, who has played James Bond in the 1967 “Casino Royale”, and was part of the army in real life : 2 wds. : DAVIDNIVEN
  • Someone whose nature is often seen as irritating, since they pretend to know it all : ALEC
  • Video music hosting group, formed by two of the “big three” record companies in the US : VEVO
  • Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s faithful assistant : IGOR
  • 6 second video sharing service that is now shut down : VINE
  • Break ___! (wishing someone well before they start something) : 2 wds. : ALEG
  • Process of generating images using advanced software tools in movies or games : Abbr. : CGI
  • Christian ___ (French fashion mogul) : DIOR
  • Italian actress ___ Miranda, from the 1939 film “Hotel Imperial” : ISA
  • To pick something, on purpose : OPT
  • Bread made from this grain is higher in fiber and flavor as compared to white bread : RYE
  • ___ Strauss & Co. (famous American denim brand) : LEVI
  • One billion years : EON
  • To get a fleeting glimpse of : ESPY
  • Pictorial image that is often used to represent the theme or meaning of an application : ICON
  • Dr. ___, American rapper who has been a mentor for several other rappers : DRE
  • Middle-eastern fruit that grows in really hot temperatures : DATE

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