Word Craze Level 468 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 468 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • Type of long stringy pasta that looks like ribbons : LINGUINI
  • What wrapping is this caterpillar making? : COCOON
  • What is this frigid ice mass? : ICECAP
  • Name of a Great Lake and a US state : MICHIGAN
  • Time period that comes after the present : FUTURE
  • A winter snow sport where competitors need to leap as far as possible : SKIJUMP
  • Opposite of arrive : DEPART
  • A ______ hunter is a professional who catches fugitives for money : BOUNTY
  • To end a phone call : HANGUP

Version 2

  • To intently focus one’s attention of something : FIXATE
  • Parting is such sweet ______, “Romeo and Juliet”; deep distress : SORROW
  • _______ Hopkins won an Oscar for “Silence Of The Lamb” : ANTHONY
  • US company that allows one to make international payments and transfers online : PAYPAL
  • What public service US cartoon bear does this represent? : SMOKEY
  • This place usually gets a silver medal : SECOND
  • Word which signifies the eventuality of King Lear’s demise; no value or importance : NOTHING
  • Fuel used to drive a car : GASOLINE

Cross Puzzle :

  • Prefix meaning “half” : SEMI
  • More achy, like muscles : SORER
  • Abrasive nail file substance : EMERY
  • Opposite of “+” : MINUS
  • ___ stop until I’ve solved this.: 2 wds. : ICANT
  • Newspaper strip that may make you laugh : COMIC
  • Vehicle pushed down the aisle at a grocery store : CART
  • Where one might enjoy a match or a music concert : ARENA
  • A repeat on television : RERUN
  • Risky meeting between lovers : TRYST

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