Word Craze Level 465 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 465 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • To resolve a legal matter outside of court during a lawsuit : SETTLE
  • The best defense is a good _____ : OFFENSE
  • Soft, porous kitchen object used to wash dishes : SPONGE
  • The eccentric master in “The Karate Kid” was named Mr. ______ : MIYAGI
  • Losing this means that you’re not hungry anymore : APPETITE
  • What is this spice? : GINGER
  • First aid item to cover a cut : BANDAID
  • Italian fashion company; Donatella _______ managed it until it was sold in 2018 : VERSACE

Version 2

  • Type of bench press exercise that exercises your upper chest : INCLINE
  • The coastal capital of the Australian state Victoria : MELBOURNE
  • What is this common selfie expression? : DUCKFACE
  • Pride and _________ by Jane Austen in 1813 : PREJUDICE
  • The Dark Side of the Moon was the eighth album from this British band : PINKFLOYD
  • What is this type of melon? : HONEYDEW
  • Home of polar bears and Santa Claus : NORTHPOLE
  • Sci-fi epic created by George Lucas : STARWARS
  • Duracell is a manufacturer of this power-giving product : BATTERY
  • String used to fasten footwear : SHOELACE

Cross Puzzle :

  • Run away with the intention to marry : ELOPE
  • Flattened down, like a wave : EBBED
  • Size after small and medium : LARGE
  • Largest county in Oklahoma : OSAGE
  • Turn on one foot : PIVOT
  • Environmental prefix : ECO
  • Elemental, as a concept : BASIC
  • Well done! (praise for a performer) : BRAVO
  • Kellogg’s frozen waffles brand : EGGO
  • Insect repellent ingredient: Abbr. : DEET

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