Word Craze Level 476 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 476 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • What is this test? : POLYGRAPH
  • This Nordic country is a popular destination to view the Aurora Borealis : ICELAND
  • Public transport that runs on tracks : TRAINS
  • Italian dish made of stacked long, flat pasta, tomato sauce, cheese, and vegetables : LASAGNA
  • Type of train that transports goods and cargo : FREIGHT
  • Handheld explosives with a pin : GRENADES
  • Professional who helps you to become stronger and fitter : TRAINER
  • A firearm that fires multiple pellets : SHOTGUN
  • In billiards, a shot where the cue ball is first aimed to bounce off a table side : BANKSHOT
  • What is this special holder? : EGGCUP
  • Playing ____’_ advocate means to argue for a side you don’t believe in : DEVILS
  • Leftover material; excess : SURPLUS
  • By far the largest Chinese dialect : MANDARIN
  • What Marvel superhero has this in their origin story? : SPIDERMAN

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