Word Craze Level 598 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 598 Answers :

Word Craze AnswersVersion 1 :

  • These hustlers make money playing billiards : POOLSHARKS
  • Deodorant applied here : UNDERARM
  • Decomposing or breaking down : DECAYING
  • Brightest of a car’s headlights : HIGHBEAM
  • Expressing one’s feelings in speech : SPEAKING
  • Type of book where one should paint within the lines : COLORING
  • What is she asking for? : AUTOGRAPH
  • To greet someone with this is to greet them eagerly and warmly : OPENARMS
  • Goes too far : OVERDOESIT
  • Book of drawing paper : SKETCHPAD
  • Like a one-day forecast : SHORTRANGE
  • To support a cause or speak in support of another person : ADVOCATE

Version 2

  • A person with a string of good fortune is this : LUCKY
  • Opposite of correct; incorrect : WRONG
  • What is this outer covering on some vegetables? : HUSK
  • To determine a horse’s age, its best to look at its ______ : TEETH
  • Jack _____ is the personification of winter, often portrayed as a sprite or mischief-maker : FROST
  • ____ Company is an American pet brand that produces chew toys with the same name : KONG
  • Currency used for countries in the European Union : EURO
  • The first hip-hop artist to become a billionaire; married to BeyoncĂ© : JAYZ
  • There are twenty-four of these in a day : HOURS
  • A _____ pointer emits a beam that is useful for presentations : LASER

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