Word Craze Level 597 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 597 Answers :

Word Craze AnswersVersion 1 :

  • The reflexive pronoun for a female subject : HERSELF
  • Likely to cause harm or injury, if not careful : DANGEROUS
  • Swan Lake is one of the most beautiful _______ in the world : BALLETS
  • Famous sock puppet, puppeteered by Shari Lewis, who had her own show : LAMBCHOP
  • Protects your arm joint : ELBOWPAD
  • What is this important conference? : PARLEY
  • A ________ visit is when an inmate is allowed to have a visitor : CONJUGAL
  • Caused to feel concern or distress : DISMAYED
  • Respectable and polite behavior : DECENCY
  • Standards of measurement : METRICS
  • Makeup brand from New York City founded by Thomas Lyle Williams : MAYBELLINE

Version 2

  • The guitar, violin, and piano are examples of this : INSTRUMENT
  • Popular hazelnut cocoa spread produced by Ferrero : NUTELLA
  • What type of shot is the green team taking? : FREEKICK
  • Northern Ireland capital city where the Titanic was built : BELFAST
  • Small vertebrates that can absorb water through their skin; e.g. frogs, toads, and salamanders : AMPHIBIANS
  • To leave something and not go back for it : ABANDON
  • Popular alcoholic beverage from Mexico : TEQUILA
  • To forecast or anticipate something : PREDICT
  • A firm specialized in providing a specific service, such as taxes and accounting : AGENCY

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