Word Craze Level 576 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 576 Answers :

Word Craze AnswersVersion 1 :

  • What is this travel lodging finder app? : AIRBNB
  • Jesse James was infamous for these during his time : ROBBERIES
  • Greeting accompanied with a low bow : YOURMAJESTY
  • Value judgment : APPRAISAL
  • What is this kind of plant called? : BONSAI
  • English actress who won the Triple Crown of Acting (Oscar, Tony, and Emmy) : HELENMIRREN
  • Actor who plays the casino owner in “Ocean’s Eleven” : ANDYGARCIA
  • Money you may (or may not) get back from the IRS yearly : TAXREFUND
  • What you should do after you have wronged someone : APOLOGIZE

Version 2

  • The shortest month of the year : FEBRUARY
  • Large piece of furniture found in bedrooms where clothes are stored : WARDROBE
  • Large hamster-like pet; also, a term for the subject of an experiment : GUINEAPIG
  • What is this tabletop game? : BATTLESHIP
  • The process of ___________ can help narrow down your options : ELIMINATION
  • To have one’s attention divided : DISTRACTED
  • Keanu Reeve’s movie character who got revenge for his dog : JOHNWICK
  • Someone with intense love and admiration for themselves : NARCISSIST
  • What forecast is based on these? : HOROSCOPE
  • Private or public car path that one must pay a fee to drive on : TOLLROAD
  • Easy on the eye; very pretty or appealing : BEAUTIFUL
  • Pruning overgrown or dead sections of a plant : TRIMMING
  • Coiled and bladed fence toppers that prevent escape or entrance : BARBWIRE
  • An electrical impulse from one’s gray matter : BRAINWAVE
  • What is this type of mobile phone contract? : DATAPLAN

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Word Craze Level 577
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