Word Craze Level 592 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 592 Answers :

Word Craze AnswersVersion 1 :

  • Cartoon father who loves Duff beer : HOMERSIMPSON
  • What’s this phrase from a story about abusing trust? : CRYWOLF
  • In manufacturing, products move down this, having pieces added until they are completed : ASSEMBLYLINE
  • Helpful suggestion or recommendations you give to a troubled friend : GOODADVICE
  • The packaging used for Cheerios and Fruit Loops : CEREALBOXES
  • Moved around on a sheet of ice on bladed shoes : ICESKATED
  • Extra components in the possession of mechanics : SPAREPARTS
  • Purchasable TV service for boxing matches : PAYPERVIEW
  • Upset; agitated; in a state : FLUSTERED
  • What’s the item clipped onto the fabric? : SAFETYPIN
  • To take action on a particular problem or issue : ACTEDUPON
  • Faceoffs take place here in a hockey match : CENTERICE

Version 2

  • Sports brand that is also the name of a cougar-like animal : PUMA
  • If you misplace something, you can try to find it at the ___ and Found : LOST
  • An older person in the community : ELDER
  • What is this non-rabbit animal? : HARE
  • The class of words used to refer to a person, place, or thing : NOUN
  • Tom and _____ is a classic cartoon where the former chases the latter : JERRY
  • The common vampire bat feeds entirely on ______ : BLOOD
  • A feeling one gets when they need to eat : HUNGRY
  • Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny are characters in ______ Toons : LOONEY
  • All known life on Earth is _____-based : CARBON

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