Word Craze Level 570 – Answers

This is where I thought interesting to compile all the links that may help your navigation through the game. You Will find in this topic the answers of Word Craze for the following solved level : Level 570

Word Craze Level 570 Answers :

Word Craze AnswersVersion 1 :

  • Common greeting, “___ _____ neighbor” : HEYTHERE
  • Prosthetic devices that are put into the human body : IMPLANTS
  • Discreet entrance : SIDEDOOR
  • They watch over exams : PROCTORS
  • Unhappy facial expressions : SADFACES
  • Blocking up a pipe : CLOGGING
  • What’s the missing item called? : STOPSIGN
  • Someone you pay to look after your kids : BABYSITTER
  • Knights in the Crusades : TEMPLARS
  • Hook and Cook, for example : CAPTAINS
  • To come back strong after being at a disadvantage : RESURGE

Version 2

  • What is this seafood dish? : CALAMARI
  • The part of a bed you sleep on : MATTRESS
  • Soft, sanitary paper wrapped a roll; a bathroom staple : TOILETPAPER
  • The continent around the South Pole : ANTARCTICA
  • Social science focused on the allocation of resources and supply and demand : ECONOMICS
  • are called _______ marks : QUOTATION
  • Robert De Niro won an Oscar for his role as a fighter in the film ______ ____ : RAGINGBULL
  • The e in e-mail stands for __________ : ELECTRONIC
  • Left on the ground by Hansel and Gretel to track their location : BREADCRUMBS
  • The practice of gathering financial support for a cause : FUNDRAISING
  • What is this aquatic animal? : RIBBONFISH
  • Lightning-fast DC superhero; Barry Allen’s alter ego : THEFLASH
  • Also known as a USB stick : THUMBDRIVE
  • Measurement of electrical power represented by kW : KILOWATT
  • Tending toward confrontation or violence; extremely assertive : AGGRESSIVE
  • Curved instrument used to ease one’s heel into footwear : SHOEHORN
  • Famous French pastry with a crescent shape : CROISSANT
  • What is this old audio recording medium? : CASSETTE
  • A bridge where a road or railway line goes above another : OVERPASS

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