Word Craze Level 48 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 48 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • Old _______ had a farm, E I E I O : MACDONALD
  • What is this type of liquid-filled bedding? : WATERBED
  • Many pictures put together to give the illusion of movement : ANIMATION
  • _________ is bliss; one can’t be troubled by what one doesn’t know about : IGNORANCE
  • Sock that might be filled if you’ve been a good boy or girl : STOCKING
  • To put someone in jail : IMPRISON
  • Relieving stress; chilling out : RELAXING
  • Mountain that can erupt : VOLCANO
  • Yellow liquid found in the center of the object laid by a hen : EGGYOLK

Version 2

  • What kind of shop is associated with the following? : BAKERY
  • Roast food inside this appliance : OVEN
  • Collection of food items : INGREDIENTS
  • To blend beforehand : PREMIX
  • To separate with a sieve : SIFT
  • A jockey uses this to make a horse go faster : WHIP
  • Staple food item made from dough or flour : BREAD
  • Sweets found at birthday parties and weddings : CAKES

Cross Puzzle :

  • Flower’s thin support : STEM
  • Fine grains in hourglasses : SANDS
  • Attribute passed down from your ancestors : TRAIT
  • _____ Banks is the rapper on “Buss It” : ERICA
  • Partner to shaker : MOVER
  • Missile shot from a bow : ARROW
  • Jamaica is part of the ____ Indies : WEST
  • One who innocently believes anything is this : NAIVE
  • Slices and _____ (cuts into small pieces) : DICES
  • To commence an initiative : START

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