Word Craze Level 76 – Answers

This is where I thought interesting to compile all the links that may help your navigation through the game. You Will find in this topic the answers of Word Craze for the following solved level : Level 76 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle )

Word Craze Level 76 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • This actor stars in “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Men in Black” : WILLSMITH
  • What is this Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker movie? : RUSHHOUR
  • Cracked a bone : FRACTURED
  • Garment worn on the beach or to swim in : BATHINGSUIT
  • Quests undertaken by heroes : ADVENTURES
  • The “www.” that begins a website address stands for _____ ____ Web : WORLDWIDE
  • What is this item for outdoors use? : CLOTHESLINE
  • ______ Stallone, the actor who portrayed Rambo and Rocky : SYLVESTER
  • Medically equipped vehicles that go to and from the hospital : AMBULANCES
  • Glass-half-full type of person : OPTIMIST
  • What elastic office supply item is this? : RUBBERBAND
  • A necessary part of something is this : ESSENTIAL

Version 2

  • In what kind of essential facility might you find the following? : HOSPITAL
  • A round at the bar? : SHOTS
  • Sleepy places that are sometimes bunked : BEDS
  • They can see right through you : XRAYS
  • Hurt or maimed : INJURED
  • They provide help for the sick : NURSES
  • One who holds the highest university degree : DOCTORS
  • Those in need of medical treatment : PATIENTS

Cross Puzzle :

  • Movie snippet : CLIP
  • Rub the wrong way : CHAFE
  • Place to put a pin on a suit : LAPEL
  • Suitable in every way : IDEAL
  • Actor Matthew of “Friends” : PERRY
  • Color variation : SHADE
  • Rotate like a top : SPIN
  • Alternative to rock and scissors : PAPER
  • ___ that I will give in to my craving (apprehension): 2 wds. : IFEAR
  • Singer Furtado : NELLY

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