Word Craze Level 1824 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 1824 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • Planning and arranging the parts of something : STRUCTURING
  • An act liable to legal action is this : PUNISHABLE
  • Something not needed is this : UNNECESSARY
  • Administration marked by excessive red tape : BUREAUCRACY
  • Those who use deception to influence how others act : MANIPULATORS
  • Something characterized by bitterness is this : RANCOROUS
  • Oversights or items accidentally left out : OMISSIONS
  • A blue-blooded nobleman : ARISTOCRAT
  • Those who are always right, from a business perspective : CUSTOMERS
  • Besides his heel, Achilles was supposedly this : INVULNERABLE
  • The cancellation of an execution : REPRIEVAL
  • In 1896, Mark Twain wrote Nature knows no ___________; man invents them. : INDECENCIES
  • People with extraordinary abilities, known to wear masks : SUPERHEROES
  • Totally changed, like a caterpillar to a butterfly : TRANSFORMED
  • A gathering of many people : MULTITUDE
  • Buckingham Palace soldier’s favorite activity : STANDGUARD
  • Waste material discharged by people or animals : EXCREMENT
  • Beaten by someone with superior strength or resources : OVERPOWERED

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Word Craze Level 1825
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