Word Craze Level 915 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 915 . Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Version 1 :

  • Restaurant with an owl logo
  • Person that puts products into containers so they can be sold or sent somewhere
  • What is this activity?
  • 1997 film with the tagline “They were deadly on the ground, now they have wings”
  • An American tennis tournament
  • These are commonly carried by women to hold their personal items
  • VOD stands for Video __ ______
  • Helpful figures
  • Early stage plans
  • A flawed protagonist
  • Mmmmm, take me where I’ve never been is the opening line to this song by David Archuleta
  • What rockets do at a Cape Canaveral event
  • The browser update button
  • Version 2 :

  • Competently; expertly
  • Adapted an object to deliberately inflict harm
  • Tim Curry starred in the 1975 film adaption of “The Rocky Horror _______ Show”
  • What it takes to clap
  • Converts private information into a cipher to protect it
  • To confuse someone with substances like alcohol
  • A summons to attend court
  • Temporary place to stay
  • Models of perfection and excellence
  • To digitally switch certain features with another person
  • Groups of Girl Scouts
  • Something showing diligent care and effort is this
  • Representative groups sent to conferences
  • Decorating food before serving, sometimes with parsley
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