Word Craze Level 848 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 848 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • In Japanese, this martial arts rank translates to first step : BLACKBELT
  • To honor someone who is highly esteemed : PAYTRIBUTE
  • Groups of people following a famous person : ENTOURAGES
  • David Alter invented this long distance communication device in 1837 : TELEGRAPH
  • Scientists refer to the shape of this shark’s head as Cephalofoil : HAMMERHEAD
  • Mark Cuban owns this NBA team : MAVERICKS
  • 2005 horror film starring Keanu Reeves as an exorcist : CONSTANTINE
  • A spoken word competition before a live audience and a panel of judges : SLAMPOETRY
  • Arouses curiosity in : INTRIGUES
  • Right hand lady at a wedding : MAIDOFHONOR
  • Buena noches is Spanish for ___________ : GOODEVENING
  • Disagreements or clashes of interests : CONFLICTS
  • Masses of snow that come downhill fast : AVALANCHES
  • Unproven accusation : ALLEGATION
  • Acts unaware to gain advantage : PLAYSDUMB
  • To recognize how good someone has been to you : APPRECIATE
  • Grows new tissue after loss or damage : REGENERATES
  • What is this way of staying connected? : KEEPINTOUCH

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