Word Craze Level 844 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 844 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • Antibiotics originally developed from blue molds : PENICILLIN
  • Electricity is generated at these locations : POWERPLANTS
  • Don’t ever take sides against ___ ______ – Michael Corleone : THEFAMILY
  • Finish line of a pregnancy : CHILDBIRTH
  • What are these machine parts? : DRILLBITS
  • To pay attention and focus : CONCENTRATE
  • The _________ is a 2005 film starring Thai martial artist, Tony Jaa : PROTECTOR
  • Revising the terms of an existing loan in the case of falling interest rates : REFINANCE
  • Soccer player’s protection : SHINGUARD
  • Coke Zero is the _________ alternative to the normal soda : SUGARFREE
  • Strong desires to achieve : AMBITIONS
  • This phrase means that something really had a strong effect : PACKEDAPUNCH
  • American woman’s brand that has divisions like Loft and Lou & Grey : ANNTAYLOR
  • Entertaining village on a snowy mountain : SKIRESORT
  • Made up words or nonsense speech : GIBBERISH
  • Garments next to the skin : UNDERWEAR
  • Like many hats : ADJUSTABLE

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