Word Craze Level 804 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 804 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • Televised preacher : EVANGELIST
  • This is on the Canadian flag : MAPLELEAF
  • Unable to control events : POWERLESS
  • Programmer’s line : INSTRUCTION
  • Created by throwing a rock into a pond : RIPPLEEFFECT
  • Having paid work : EMPLOYMENT
  • Provides fewer services than embassies : CONSULATES
  • Modern, present-day : CONTEMPORARY
  • The _________ stars Denzel Washington as an one-man army : EQUALIZER
  • An undertaker : MORTICIAN
  • Tire brand of NASCAR : FIRESTONE
  • Genre of folklore with mysterious or troubling events : URBANMYTHS
  • The when and where’s of a band’s upcoming concerts : TOURDATES
  • Position of control : DRIVERSSEAT
  • Relief : ALLEVIATION
  • Traveling together in pairs for safety : BUDDYSYSTEM
  • Severe snowstorms : BLIZZARDS
  • Declaring the appropriate punishment for a crime : SENTENCING
  • What is this constellation called? : BIGDIPPER

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Word Craze Level 805

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