Word Craze Level 804 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 804 . Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Version 1 :

  • Televised preacher
  • This is on the Canadian flag
  • Unable to control events
  • Programmer’s line
  • Created by throwing a rock into a pond
  • Having paid work
  • Provides fewer services than embassies
  • Modern, present-day
  • The _________ stars Denzel Washington as an one-man army
  • An undertaker
  • Tire brand of NASCAR
  • Genre of folklore with mysterious or troubling events
  • The when and where’s of a band’s upcoming concerts
  • Position of control
  • Relief
  • Traveling together in pairs for safety
  • Severe snowstorms
  • Declaring the appropriate punishment for a crime
  • What is this constellation called?
  • Version 2 :

  • Minor highways
  • Stereotypical sweetheart who lives nearby
  • 1996 Adam Sandler comedy about golf
  • Tries hard to end something bad, e.g. illegal or criminal activities
  • Someone who is not easily offended is _____-_______
  • To approach the end of a competition with a blast of energy
  • To ___ ___ _____ means “to travel widely”
  • A circus or juggling prop with a two-headed top and a string connected to two sticks
  • A special skill or talent; a clever trick
  • To make tweaks to
  • Long-standing rivalries or disputes
  • To release from shackles
  • The feminine part of a male’s psyche, as described by Carl Jung
  • Something easily noticed or understood is this
  • To turn or tip over
  • Put something abstract, e.g. one’s knowledge, to practical use
  • A British hard rock and heavy metal band from the 1970s whose name references a rich, dark color
  • Amusing short stories told in boxes with sketches
  • A vessel that travels on water and is powered by evaporating water
  • A high temperature outside that’s Guinness Book worthy
  • Targets for games involving hand-thrown feathered projectiles
  • Portable communication devices for making calls, sending messages, and accessing the internet
  • Information that has practical value and can be used as a reason to do something is this
  • Institution that manages the monetary policy of a state and prints currency
  • Medication thrown together using common household supplies
  • To take time to ponder; to think deeply about something
  • In the US, these are expressways that usually charge a toll
  • To trip
  • A private meeting or gathering; the assembly for the election of a pope
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