Word Craze Level 684 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 684 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • Shockingly; extremely bad : EGREGIOUS
  • Car competition with no turns : DRAGRACING
  • Stories about the magical and mystical for children : FAIRYTALES
  • Not available; taken : SPOKENFOR
  • 0,118055555555556 : TENTOTHREE
  • Whose is this avian author? : MOTHERGOOSE
  • Japanese electronics company known for the SL-1200 record player : PANASONIC
  • Extremely enthusiastic; fervent; overly passionate : OVERZEALOUS
  • American rapper and co-founder of the group Public Enemy known for his ticking accessories : FLAVORFLAV
  • Type of fix-it shop a cobbler works at : SHOEREPAIR
  • Common potted greens found in one’s home : HOUSEPLANT
  • Convert languages wrongly : MISTRANSLATE
  • This part of your head that contains your knowledge about math and science : LEFTBRAIN
  • Getting ready for an event : PREPARING
  • Returning something to its original state : RESTORING
  • Getting money through coercion : EXTORTION
  • Place where one rests for a train or plane : WAITINGAREA
  • Convenience store with a number name : SEVENELEVEN
  • The super fast desert bird from Looney Tunes : ROADRUNNER
  • Stuck doing overtime in the office : HELDUPATWORK

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