Word Craze Level 583 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 583 Answers :

Word Craze AnswersVersion 1 :

  • Like some kinds of hard boiled detectives : GRITTY
  • What is this dance called? : DISCO
  • Something to jump or be under : THEGUN
  • Marine animals that use sonar to navigate : DOLPHINS
  • Digital copies of physical documents : SCANS
  • Justin Timberlake was part of this boy band : NSYNC
  • American ska band famous for “What I Got” and “Wrong Way” : SUBLIME
  • Church symbol : CROSS
  • Professionally provides food and drink at socials events : CATERS
  • To force a door or handle open using a crowbar or similar tool : JIMMY
  • Most commonly seen punctuation : PERIOD

Version 2

  • Game official who ensures the rules are followed : REFEREE
  • Emergency workers who are charged with keeping the peace : POLICE
  • Popular type of cheese recognizable by its off-white (or orange with colorings) color : CHEDDAR
  • _______1, launched by the Soviet Union, was the first artificial Earth satellite : SPUTNIK
  • What is this animal vocalization? : BIRDCALL
  • In English, the class of words that modify action words : ADVERBS
  • A song sung under a lover’s window : SERENADE
  • US film starring Jack Nicholson, ____ ____ Over the Cuckoo’s Nest : ONEFLEW
  • The number of cards in a full deck of playing cards : FIFTYTWO
  • Used to describe an attractive male : HANDSOME

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