Word Craze Level 567 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 567 Answers :

Word Craze AnswersVersion 1 :

  • ____ __ Water is a popular song by Eminem featuring BeyoncĂ© : WALKON
  • Performances : SHOWS
  • Popular Texan greeting : HOWDY
  • What popular operating system is in this picture? : WINDOWS
  • You might say this upon the completion of a task or test in school : IMDONE
  • These might come wrapped at restaurants : FORKS
  • As a child, you want to be this : ADULT
  • Pharmacy order : REFILL
  • Nabbed; snared : CAUGHT

Version 2

  • Very large and expensive houses : MANSIONS
  • To completely destroy, or wipe out of existence : ANNIHILATE
  • What are these chilly spikes? : ICICLES
  • US fantasy horror TV series that stars Anna Paquin as a telepath facing the supernatural, particularly vampires : TRUEBLOOD
  • TV stands for __________ : TELEVISION
  • Sport with events like the balance beam and parallel bars, which require strength and flexibility : GYMNASTICS
  • What is this metallic alloy? : ROSEGOLD
  • Popular schoolyard game which is played on a baseball field, but the ball is handled like in soccer : KICKBALL
  • Renewal or repairing of a building : RENOVATION
  • Famous bridge in the US city of San Francisco : GOLDENGATE

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Word Craze Level 568
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