Word Craze Level 543 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 543 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • Meat from this animal is called mutton : SHEEP
  • To connect your lips with someone else’s : KISS
  • What did the boy on the right forget to wear? : SOCKS
  • Military force that patrols the seas; a dark shade of blue : NAVY
  • The name of this South American country is an anagram of the word PURE : PERU
  • Japanese noodles served in broth; the instant variety is popular with students : RAMEN
  • In the Bible, Adam and Eve were sent to live in the “Garden of ____” : EDEN
  • What are these weapons? : MINES
  • In Greek mythology, these creatures lured sailors to their death with their singing voices : SIRENS
  • Highly influential rapper Tupac _____ is known for his profound lyrics : SHAKUR
  • If something leaves a bad impression, it could be said to have left a “______ taste” : BITTER

Version 2

  • Something done on purpose is this : INTENTIONAL
  • Polynomial consisting of only two terms : BINOMIAL
  • This rock structure is well-________ : BALANCED
  • When two people see things the same way, they have reached an _________ : AGREEMENT
  • Animals that primarily consume meat : CARNIVORES
  • The likelihood of something happening; branch of mathematics dealing with chance : PROBABILITY
  • What is this American ice cream chain? : DAIRYQUEEN
  • Space, the final ________. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise : FRONTIER
  • Captain _______ is a Marvel superhero who uses a circular shield, made of “Vibranium” : AMERICA
  • The act of freeing a person or people from oppression or captivity : LIBERATION
  • Crucial aspect of real estate, important enough to state three times : LOCATION
  • Trainee pilots practice in a flight ________, allowing them to fly without any risk : SIMULATOR

Cross Puzzle :

  • Words before toot or roll : ONA
  • Public : ONRECORD
  • Wimbledon winner Rafael : NADAL
  • Lessen in intensity : ABATE
  • Plottage : ACRES
  • Lake vessel : CANOE
  • Leandro’s love, in a Handel cantata : ERO
  • Take : NAB
  • Amt. often shown in mgs. : RDA
  • “Night ____ Night” (Ronald Reagan film) : UNTO
  • It usually starts with “wee wee wee” : URL
  • Blastoff lead-in : TWOONE
  • Be humiliated : EATCROW
  • Found a new table for : RESAT
  • The Cavs, on sports tickers : CLE
  • Once Upon a Time in America director : LEONE
  • Genoese grandpa : NONNO
  • Exam with an analytical reasoning section: Abbr. : LSAT
  • Roulette bets : OOS
  • *Color in a Crayola 64-crayon box : RAWSIENNA
  • He lost twice to DDE : AES
  • Org. in which people get belted : WBA
  • Cross state : IRE
  • Modem borders? : EMS
  • Legal exclusion : DEBARMENT
  • Fulfills : SATES

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Word Craze Level 544
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