Word Craze Level 34 – Answers

This is where I thought interesting to compile all the links that may help your navigation through the game. You Will find in this topic the answers of Word Craze for the following solved level : Level 34 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle )

Word Craze Level 34 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • Comfy indoor footwear : SLIPPERS
  • What condiment should these be dipped into? : SOYSAUCE
  • Underwater missile fired from a submarine : TORPEDO
  • A person who plays an instrument : MUSICIAN
  • Speedy breed of dog used in races; also a US bus company : GREYHOUND
  • Hydrogen _____ might be a part of your first aid kit : PEROXIDE
  • They finish last, apparently : NICEGUYS
  • What is this flower? : DANDELION

Version 2

  • Africa, Europe, or South America for example : CONTINENT
  • What’s is this phrase indicating uniqueness? : ONEOFAKIND
  • These are the main characters of this Comedy Central show : SOUTHPARK
  • Awarded to the first place finisher at the Olympics : GOLDMEDAL
  • Eating utensil often seen in Asian countries : CHOPSTICKS
  • Handheld tool that helps you see in the dark; also called a “torch” in the UK : FLASHLIGHT
  • What instrument is he playing? : HARMONICA
  • Bolt that appears before thunder : LIGHTNING
  • You can’t handle ___ _____!, Jack Nicholson’s iconic speech in “A Few Good Men” : THETRUTH

Cross Puzzle :

  • ____ Bezos, CEO of Amazon : JEFF
  • Dessert that jiggles : JELLO
  • _____ John, English singer known for his love of sunglasses : ELTON
  • A bit of dandruff; a speck of snow : FLAKE
  • Front parts : FORES
  • Change one letter in 1-Down to get a member of the violin family : CELLO
  • Taxi : CAB
  • Where vows are exchanged : ALTAR
  • Dude or “fella”, to a Brit : BLOKE
  • Bills in a tip jar : ONES

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