Word Craze Level 224 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 224 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • _______ comedy is an act delivered by a comedian in front of an audience : STANDUP
  • Gambling game where players buy numbered tickets for a chance to win : LOTTERY
  • Ireland’s capital city : DUBLIN
  • Metal bar with a curved end used to pry things open : CROWBAR
  • Genre of fiction meant to make you laugh : COMEDY
  • What is this musical instrument? : CORNET
  • Dustin _______ had iconic roles in Rain Man and The Graduate : HOFFMAN
  • What is this research animal? : LABRAT
  • Well known, but not in a good way : INFAMOUS
  • Under this trance-like state, a person is more open to suggestions; You are getting sleepy, very sleepy : HYPNOSIS
  • Supersonic commercial airliner, now discontinued : CONCORDE
  • A somewhat vestigial organ; might be found at the back of a book : APPENDIX

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Word Craze Level 225
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