Word Craze Level 2232 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 2232 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • What a vending machine did after a selection was made : DISPENSED
  • Person who looks after a child before they are adopted : FOSTERPARENT
  • Breaking it produces a sonic boom : SOUNDBARRIER
  • London, Jupiter, Microsoft, and John are examples of this part of speech : PROPERNOUN
  • A point of attraction : MAGNETICPOLE
  • A glow visible under UV light : FLUORESCENCE
  • A stationery topper : LETTERHEAD
  • Busts a myth, for example : DISPROVES
  • Meets the requirements : QUALIFIES
  • Chess champions : GRANDMASTERS
  • Process of developing an idea in detail : EXPLICATION
  • Not authorized : UNSANCTIONED
  • Something that’s not in accordance with the law is this : ILLEGITIMATE
  • Held back by an outside force : RESTRAINED
  • Activities done for leisure purposes are this : RECREATIONAL
  • Appliance that fills up with water on a muggy day : DEHUMIDIFIER
  • Series of events in a movie, for example : STORYLINE
  • Relating to the facts of someone’s life : BIOGRAPHICAL
  • Mutual support within a group : SOLIDARITY

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