Word Craze Level 2120 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 2120 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • Commanding an evil spirit to leave a person : EXORCISING
  • Taking something for oneself, especially dishonestly : POCKETING
  • As Will Ferrell’s character once said, “No one knows what it means, but it’s ___________” : PROVOCATIVE
  • One who is ___________ is likely to be fired from their job : INCOMPETENT
  • To call someone “the weakest link”, so to speak : ELIMINATE
  • Extreme abhorrence : REVULSION
  • Food or drink that makes one healthy and strong is this : NOURISHING
  • Quality of being harmful or evil : MALEFICENCE
  • Giving a detailed explanation : EXPOUNDING
  • Something that’s not real and genuine is this : UNAUTHENTIC
  • Making a careless mistake : BLUNDERING
  • Ostentatious behavior designed to attract attention : SHOWBOATING

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