Word Craze Level 20 – Answers

This is where I thought interesting to compile all the links that may help your navigation through the game. You Will find in this topic the answers of Word Craze for the following solved level : Level 20 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle )

Word Craze Level 20 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • Supposedly, vampires hate this vegetable : GARLIC
  • What 70s pop band does this represent? : BEEGEES
  • Church services usually occur on this day of the week : SUNDAY
  • The number of states in the United States : FIFTY
  • Party game where players dance under a progressively lower bar : LIMBO
  • The capital city of Spain : MADRID

Version 2

  • Person who is taught by a teacher : STUDENT
  • What is this manual of recipes? : COOKBOOK
  • Type of bed suspended between two trees : HAMMOCK
  • Sound a train makes in cartoons : CHOOCHOO
  • What Star Wars character did this Indiana Jones actor play? : HANSOLO
  • The _______ were an English rock sensation who sang Hey Jude : BEATLES

Cross Puzzle :

  • Not liquid or solid : GAS
  • Surname of Jennifer Aniston’s character in “Friends” : GREEN
  • Positive glow that radiates from a person : AURA
  • To mix your coffee with a spoon : STIR
  • You can’t handle the _____!, Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” : TRUTH
  • Clucking mothers who lay eggs : HENS
  • Lake that borders Cleveland : ERIE
  • To acquire knowledge : LEARN

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