Word Craze Level 1764 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 1764 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • Exercise machines for running in one spot : TREADMILLS
  • To become well-versed in a particular subject : SPECIALIZE
  • Something one cannot fathom is this : UNIMAGINABLE
  • Something broken up into pieces is this : FRAGMENTED
  • The buying of goods by postal delivery : MAILORDER
  • Sadness with no obvious reason : MELANCHOLY
  • A professional supervision service used by working parents : CHILDCARE
  • Preliminary activity for an undertaking : GROUNDWORK
  • Acts of making something change direction; deviations : DEFLECTIONS
  • Getting onto a ship : EMBARKING
  • Many things or shapes can be divided horizontally, vertically, and __________ : DIAGONALLY
  • Systematic religious doctrines : THEOLOGIES
  • One who strolls while unconscious : SLEEPWALKER
  • People who make high-pitched cries : SQUEALERS
  • Forcibly puts something to an end; keeps one’s feelings secret : SUPPRESSES
  • To think or consider beforehand : PREMEDITATE
  • Reduced to silence or ineffectiveness; brought an end to : EXTINGUISHED
  • Undoing twisted threads : UNRAVELING

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