Word Craze Level 1752 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 1752 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • The management of domestic work : HOUSEKEEPING
  • Books with rigid bindings : HARDCOVERS
  • A particular part of chicken that’s deep-fried and served with hot sauce and blue cheese dressing : BUFFALOWING
  • Bright yellow blossoms with brown centers that contain edible seeds : SUNFLOWERS
  • Practically and effectively employing something : UTILIZING
  • To unseat someone in power in order to have their place : OVERTHROW
  • The state of being white hot : CANDESCENCE
  • One who facilitates for a war to stop : PEACEKEEPER
  • Drains someone of vitality : ENERVATES
  • Stabbing someone in the back : BETRAYING
  • One who writes someone’s life story : BIOGRAPHER
  • A cardboard folder with a striking surface and small pieces of flammable wood inside : MATCHBOOK
  • To be more competitive than others in business : OUTHUSTLE
  • The process of giving new energy to something : REJUVENATION
  • Comes close to something in quality or quantity : APPROXIMATES
  • In a manner that responds rather than self-initiates : REACTIVELY
  • Something morally justifiable is this : RIGHTEOUS

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Word Craze Level 1753
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