Word Craze Level 17 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 17 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • Fish with uniquely pink-orange flesh; popular as food : SALMON
  • What sport is this dog engaged in? : SURFING
  • ______ Twist, Charles Dickens’ second novel : OLIVER
  • Roses, carnation, orchid, daisy are types of these : FLOWERS
  • The field of science that studies rocks and the Earth : GEOLOGY
  • What came first, the _______ or the egg? : CHICKEN

Version 2

  • The capital and largest city in England : LONDON
  • Earth has five of these large bodies of water, including the Pacific and Atlantic : OCEANS
  • Which planet is this? : MARS
  • _____ Picasso was a highly influential Spanish painter and co-pioneer of Cubism : PABLO
  • Language spoken in the country with the Eiffel Tower : FRENCH
  • Furry floor covering : CARPET
  • A machine used to soak and clean clothes : WASHER
  • What is the name of this Queen’s Gambit character : BETH

Cross Puzzle :

  • It’s struck in the dark : MATCH
  • Caffè _____ (a chocolate-flavored drink) : MOCHA
  • To wobble on the brink : TEETER
  • Roman emperor who met his end on the Ides of March : CAESAR
  • A day’s 24 (abbr.) : HRS
  • Hearing organ on the side of your head : EAR
  • What are they dipping the bread into? : CHEESE
  • To bring someone into a company : HIRE
  • Happily ____ after (ending to many a tale) : EVER
  • Punches : HITS
  • For a square, it’s calculated by multiplying two side lengths : AREA
  • Result of poor judgment : ERROR

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