Word Craze Level 1686 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 1686 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • Way past the appropriate time : LONGOVERDUE
  • Something done in a smooth and successful manner is done like this : SWIMMINGLY
  • Where the family gathers to share a meal : DININGTABLE
  • Male sibling of one’s wife : BROTHERINLAW
  • Position in the community based on one’s economic status : SOCIALCLASS
  • As Neil Armstrong famously said, That’s one small step for man, ___ _____ ____ for mankind : ONEGIANTLEAP
  • A rounded seed-bearing capsule of the plant that provides fibers for the most common natural fabric : COTTONBOLL
  • People who go to a conference or other social gathering : ATTENDEES
  • Public place for women to powder their noses : LADIESROOM
  • What a homecoming parade generates : LOCALPRIDE
  • Something worthy of respect is treated this way : VENERABLY
  • Online way to move money from one account to another : WIRETRANSFER
  • German supermodel who judged America’s Got Talent : HEIDIKLUM
  • Republic reunited with its neighbor after the fall of the Berlin Wall : WESTGERMANY
  • The “_______ ____” describes the very latest period of something : ELEVENTHHOUR

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