Word Craze Level 1590 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 1590 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • Those who judge films as a profession : MOVIECRITICS
  • Heavy-duty tubes used for spraying water on burning flames : FIREHOSES
  • A type of detergent that is used for cleaning particularly dirty areas on fabrics : STAINREMOVER
  • An energetic and sociable ballroom activity performed to the music developed by Dominicans and Puerto Ricans living in New York in the 1960s : SALSADANCING
  • Vienna natives, for example : AUSTRIANS
  • The contents of a hamper : DIRTYLAUNDRY
  • The nickname of the drummer from The Roots, the in-house band for The Tonight Show since 2014 : QUESTLOVE
  • ___ _________ is the preferential and often luxurious service given to special guests : VIPTREATMENT
  • The crime of violence against civilians, often in pursuit of political or religious aims : TERRORISM
  • To ____ ________ means “to be ruthless or aggressive in order to achieve one’s goal” : PLAYHARDBALL
  • Observing feathered flying creatures as a hobby : BIRDWATCHING
  • Minor highways : SIDEROADS
  • Stereotypical sweetheart who lives nearby : GIRLNEXTDOOR
  • 1996 Adam Sandler comedy about golf : HAPPYGILMORE
  • Tries hard to end something bad, e.g. illegal or criminal activities : CLAMPSDOWN
  • Someone who is not easily offended is _____-_______ : THICKSKINNED
  • To approach the end of a competition with a blast of energy : FINISHSTRONG
  • To ___ ___ _____ means “to travel widely” : SEETHEWORLD

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