Word Craze Level 144 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 144 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • Performers who are trained in arts like ballet or salsa : DANCERS
  • Money that one receives or earns; opposite of an expense : INCOME
  • Unit used to measure angles : DEGREE
  • Another word for prisoner : INMATE
  • Andy Serkis played this obsessive creature in the Lord of the Rings films : GOLLUM
  • Electric yellow rodent mascot of Pok√©mon, a popular game and cartoon franchise : PIKACHU
  • What feathery companion is absent here? : PARROT
  • An outlaw in a Western might use this to cover their face : BANDANA
  • A professional who prepares and serves coffee : BARISTA
  • The ability to understand how others feel : EMPATHY

Version 2

  • In what kind of facility will you find the following? : GYM
  • Locked cabinet in schools : LOCKER
  • It measures weight : SCALE
  • Place for sitting multiple people in a park : BENCH
  • Machine that allows you to go for a run to nowhere : TREADMILL
  • Boxing divisions : WEIGHTS
  • A human’s natural cooling : SWEAT

Cross Puzzle :

  • Hydrochloric or Sulphuric, e.g. : ACID
  • In the style of: 2 wds. : ALA
  • Confined, as a bird : CAGED
  • Mental representation of how someone looks, say : IMAGE
  • ___ Xiaoping, former Chinese Premier who was featured as the “Time Person of the Year” for the second time in 1985 : DENG
  • A weak excuse? : LAME
  • Ronald ___, former U.S. President who was selected as the “Time Person of the Year” in 1980 : REAGAN
  • Puzzle format that combines pictures with letters to depict words or phrases : REBUS
  • The Endangered ___, selected as the “Time Planet of the Year” in 1989 to highlight the need to protect our planet : EARTH
  • Green pod veggie : PEA
  • Mama’s counterpart in story books : PAPA
  • Benedict or omelette essential : EGG
  • Erode away due to friction : ABRADE
  • Finished off some pizza, say : ATE
  • Finishing golf shot : PUTT
  • American tennis great Arthur : ASHE

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