Word Craze Level 1284 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 1284 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • To find someone agreeable : GETALONGWITH
  • What kind of performance is this? : ONEMANPLAY
  • Shop that sells a wide variety of goods : GENERALSTORE
  • Remark that can be made after an awkward silence : ALRIGHTYTHEN
  • Woman whose full-time job is to manage her family : HOUSEWIFE
  • Catholic nun who was a Nobel Peace Prize recipient : MOTHERTERESA
  • Removable objects used to straighten teeth : RETAINERS
  • Glass tubes used in ophthalmology for administering drops : EYEDROPPERS
  • Mode of writing that uses symbols and abbreviations : SHORTHAND
  • People who come up with abstract ideas and prove them : THEORISTS
  • These devices allow input and output of audio signals : SOUNDCARDS
  • One who opposes popular opinions : CONTRARIAN
  • Shopping center that sells discounted brand items : OUTLETMALL
  • Bobby Wagner’s position : LINEBACKER
  • To keep a _____ ____ means to remain calm : LEVELHEAD
  • Inauguration into a group : INITIATION
  • Agility when performing tasks : DEXTERITY
  • What kind of person is this? : EARLYRISER
  • Public toilets : RESTROOMS

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