Word Craze Level 980 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 980 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • Extra beds in the house : GUESTROOMS
  • Finishes : COMPLETES
  • Common type of fruit beverage : APPLEJUICE
  • Hand gestures used while speaking to indicate irony : AIRQUOTES
  • Spread usually put for bagels : CREAMCHEESE
  • Examples : INSTANCES
  • The silent film “Wings” was the first to win this Academy Award : BESTPICTURE
  • Call it, heads or tails? : FLIPACOIN
  • Old masters reside in them : GALLERIES
  • Does just enough to stay above the surface : TREADSWATER
  • Job of someone working at the IRS : TAXCOLLECTOR
  • Common comical romantic scenario : LOVETRIANGLE
  • What is this sales period? : BACKTOSCHOOL
  • Breathing equipment is required to go here : UNDERWATER
  • Development period : INCUBATION
  • Legal drama series featuring Sam Waterston and Jerry Orbach : LAWANDORDER
  • Indoor cloud watching : DAYDREAMING
  • McDonald’s slogan introduced in 2003 : IMLOVINIT
  • What zero bars on a cellphone indicates : NOSERVICE
  • Set of instructions to follow : GUIDELINE

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