Word Craze Level 92 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 92 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • A professional trained in reading and interpreting laws : LAWYER
  • In soccer, the only player who can use their hands : GOALIE
  • Speech intended to offend or belittle someone : INSULT
  • Liquid used in the shower to keep your hair clean and healthy : SHAMPOO
  • Wires covered in plastic or rubber that carry signals : CABLES
  • The tracks upon which trains run : RAILWAY
  • ______ Diaz, US actress who starred in “The Mask” and “Charlie’s Angels” : CAMERON
  • What is this football term? : KICKOFF
  • Hooked whaling implement : HARPOON
  • _______ Churchill, the UK’s prime minister during WWII : WINSTON

Version 2

  • Closely compacted together; high concentration : DENSE
  • Answer to a problem : SOLUTION
  • One of the tools used to symbolize the Soviet Union : HAMMER
  • What is this way of convincing someone? : PROOF
  • Cupid’s projectile of love : ARROW
  • What is this literary form? : POETRY
  • A marksman with bow and arrow : ARCHER
  • Camels can have one or more of these on their back : HUMPS
  • Clicky computer equipment : MOUSE
  • Road Runner’s enemy, Wile E. ____ : COYOTE
  • A message might float to you in this container : BOTTLE
  • Two-thirds of a dozen : EIGHT
  • Word formed by rearranging the letters of a different word : ANAGRAM

Cross Puzzle :

  • He _____ her off her feet (deeply impressed) : SWEPT
  • Thick piece of marble, say : SLAB
  • To place a bet : WAGER
  • Bronte who authored “Wuthering Heights” : EMILY
  • Skin, in Italian : PELLE
  • Nobody Else But You singer ____ Songz : TREY
  • Less funny, as a joke : LAMER
  • Nimble-footed, like gymnasts and ballerinas : AGILE
  • Beer _____ (kind of stomach) : BELLY
  • What kind of bread is this? : RYE

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