Word Craze Level 732 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 732 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • In English, and, but, and if are all examples of these : CONJUNCTIONS
  • A style of swimming on the chest where the torso does not rotate : BREASTSTROKE
  • Putting in hours at the gym : WORKINGOUT
  • To have someone wait, especially on the phone : PUTONHOLD
  • Your ___ _______ determines how much of your income you pay : TAXBRACKET
  • In American Football, every 10 yards allots the offensive team this : FIRSTDOWN
  • Durable cord attached to a hook to catch aquatic animals : FISHINGLINE
  • A financial statement of assets and liabilities : BALANCESHEET
  • Hatching places for zombies : GRAVEYARDS
  • Coming out from somewhere or something; the sound was _________ from a cave : EMANATING
  • What are these vegetables? : EGGPLANTS
  • Leader of the pack : ALPHAMALE
  • A _______ ___ is a jeweled, decorative ovoid from Russia of which only 69 were made : FABERGEEGG
  • To occur unintentionally or by coincidence : ACCIDENTAL
  • The depth that deceased were assumed to be buried; a general term for being dead : SIXFEETUNDER
  • American bank with a red and yellow logo : WELLSFARGO
  • Arranged or put together, as in an event : ORGANIZED

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