Word Craze Level 586 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 586 Answers :

Word Craze AnswersVersion 1 :

  • Due to their headgear, the US Army Special Forces are known as these : GREENBERETS
  • Vacation destinations geared mostly for wintertime activities : SKIRESORTS
  • Weather factor : AIRPRESSURE
  • What is this prehistoric dinosaur called? : PTERODACTYL
  • Repeating events in your head : REPLAYING
  • One of the most common injuries in sports : ANKLESPRAIN
  • To insidiously weaken the foundation of a something, especially a cause : UNDERMINE
  • What is this hairstyle called? : PONYTAIL
  • Basically : INESSENCE
  • Names a ship with the break of a bottle : CHRISTENS
  • In Greek mythology, Pegasus is this type of animal : WINGEDHORSE
  • Cucumbers of a savory flavor that have been preserved in vinegar : DILLPICKLES
  • An expression for failing at something : FALLINGFLAT

Version 2

  • Winston _________ famously said, “If you are going through hell, keep going.” : CHURCHILL
  • A rapid chemical reaction that often causes a loud bang : EXPLOSION
  • What phrase for being overweight does the second figure represent? : OUTOFSHAPE
  • Form of government coined in Greece that has direct and representative forms : DEMOCRACY
  • Theories involving Bigfoot, Area 51, the moon landing, and UFOs, for example : CONSPIRACY
  • Device that lets one listen to music privately : HEADPHONES
  • What is this fruit? : MANGOSTEEN
  • Area behind the house where gardening and barbecues take place : BACKYARD
  • Something that happens twice a year is this : BIANNUAL
  • The Industrial Revolution began in the _________ century : EIGHTEENTH
  • Smaller, often less serious, versions of newspapers : TABLOIDS

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