Word Craze Level 573 – Answers

This is where I thought interesting to compile all the links that may help your navigation through the game. You Will find in this topic the answers of Word Craze for the following solved level : Level 573

Word Craze Level 573 Answers :

Word Craze AnswersVersion 1 :

  • Purchased and paid for : BOUGHT
  • 1998 Jackie Chan movie where he plays an amnesiac trying to figure out what happened : WHOAMI
  • Where would one commonly use this “currency”? : CASINO
  • This gland secretes melatonin in the body : PINEAL
  • Seller; peddler : VENDOR
  • David Evans of U2 is also known as this : THEEDGE
  • Darwin suggests that this group has the best odds of survival : FITTEST
  • Prime time for beachcombing : LOWTIDE
  • Type of shirts with collars, three buttons, and short sleeves : POLOS
  • Common card message : GETWELL

Version 2

  • A makeup technique that creates a shadowy, hazy effect around the eyes : SMOKYEYES
  • The dark outline seen when something or someone is framed by a bright light from behind : SILHOUETTE
  • What is this phone doing? : CHARGING
  • This type of vehicle has a siren and assists with dangerous or life-threatening situations : EMERGENCY
  • People who move permanently from one country to another : IMMIGRANTS
  • These space objects create craters on the moon : ASTEROIDS
  • What is this driver doing? : BACKINGUP
  • The quality of an object to easily carry an electrical current : CONDUCTIVE
  • Something deemed an absolute requirement : NECESSITY
  • An animal _________ is a place where animals can live and be protected : SANCTUARY
  • Your __________ precedes you means people have heard about you : REPUTATION

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Word Craze Level 574
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