Word Craze Level 54 – Answers

This is where I thought interesting to compile all the links that may help your navigation through the game. You Will find in this topic the answers of Word Craze for the following solved level : Level 54 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle )

Word Craze Level 54 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • It’s said to be bad luck if this animal crosses your path : BLACKCAT
  • Where military recruits go to train : BOOTCAMP
  • Perfect time for telling stories to children : BEDTIME
  • What biology term does this represent? : GENEPOOL
  • Honeycombs and snowflakes naturally take on this geometric shape : HEXAGON
  • Returning a book late to the library might incur these : LATEFEES
  • Unused, often amusing recordings left over after filming : OUTTAKES
  • This 2018 DC movie stars Jason Momoa in a battle over the seas : AQUAMAN

Version 2

  • This actor stars in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Men in Black : WILLSMITH
  • What is this Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker movie? : RUSHHOUR
  • Cracked a bone : FRACTURED
  • Garment worn on the beach or to swim in : BATHINGSUIT
  • Quests undertaken by heroes : ADVENTURES
  • The www. that begins a website address stands for _____ ____ Web : WORLDWIDE
  • What are the sweets added to this cocoa? : MARSHMALLOWS
  • _________ Stallone, the actor who portrayed Rambo and Rocky : SYLVESTER
  • Medically equipped vehicles that go to and from the hospital : AMBULANCES
  • Glass-half-full type of person : OPTIMIST
  • What elastic office supply item is this? : RUBBERBAND
  • A necessary part of something is this : ESSENTIAL

Cross Puzzle :

  • Points towards the target : AIMS
  • Crooked or out of alignment : ASKEW
  • ___ never seen anything like it.: 2 wds. : IHAVE
  • Singer Alison ___ from Yazoo : MOYET
  • What you earn when you solve crosswords here : STARS
  • Vodka units : SHOTS
  • Canvas for 4d : SKY
  • Canoe cousin : KAYAK
  • Partner of each : EVERY
  • Dampens with water : WETS

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