Word Craze Level 296 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 296 ( Classic & Cross Puzzle ) Answers :

Word Craze Answers

Classic Puzzle :

Version 1 :

  • Natural water feature between Ontario and New York state : NIAGARAFALLS
  • Who is this child wizard? : HARRYPOTTER
  • The most important meal of the day : BREAKFAST
  • This company action increases unemployment : DOWNSIZING
  • A working situation where one has no chance of moving upward : DEADENDJOB
  • Patron saint of Ireland : SAINTPATRICK
  • Name used for a vehicle that criminals escape a crime scene in : GETAWAYCAR
  • A member of a squad that performs and shouts encouragement for a sports team : CHEERLEADER
  • What kind of employment situation is this? : FREELANCE
  • Christmas sweet with red and white stripes : CANDYCANE
  • Patriot famed for his “Midnight Ride” where he supposedly shouted “the British are coming!” : PAULREVERE

Version 2

  • An _______ donor wishes to keep their identity unknown : ANONYMOUS
  • The males of this aquatic species carry the children : SEAHORSE
  • Movie legend, also known as Duke, known for his roles in Westerns like Stagecoach : JOHNWAYNE
  • What is this romantic period? : HONEYMOON
  • Small dish served before the main course : APPETIZER
  • A window installed in a roof : SKYLIGHT
  • What is missing from this picture? : REFLECTION
  • Famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is from this country : PORTUGAL
  • When two things impact or crash into each other : COLLISION
  • Large crimson canine star of children’s books : CLIFFORD

Cross Puzzle :

  • Supervillain ___ Jojo from “The Powerpuff Girls” : MOJO
  • Actor Gibson from “Braveheart” : MEL
  • ___ or Another song by Blondie: 2 wds. : ONEWAY
  • Former Disney actors Joe, Kevin, and Nick who shot to fame with their titular TV series : JONAS
  • Dental hygiene, say : ORAL
  • Sir in Spanish : SENOR
  • Addled due to aging (Anagram of “enisle”) : SENILE
  • Former Disney child actress, ___ Gomez who shot to fame with her TV series “Wizards of Waverly Place” : SELENA
  • Indian garments that are draped : SARIS
  • Angels & Demons novelist Brown : DAN
  • Former Disney child actress, ___ Lovato who shot to fame with her TV series “Sonny with a Chance” : DEMI
  • ___-mart (former name of a popular retail chain): : WAL
  • Actress Durance and author Jong : ERICAS
  • ___ Lo Green, former coach on “The Voice” : CEE
  • Former Disney child actress, ___ Cyrus who shot to fame with her TV series “Hannah Montana” : MILEY
  • Oh, that’s what you mean!: 2 wds. : ISEE

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