Word Craze Level 2150 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 2150 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • Squared up to : CONFRONTED
  • A wild illogicality : ABSURDITY
  • To multiply, in a way : PLURALIZE
  • Describes something based on stipulations : CONDITIONAL
  • Something unpleasant and disagreeable is this : UNDESIRABLE
  • Spreading out a tablecloth : UNFOLDING
  • A bug that no one wants in their kitchen : COCKROACH
  • Amount rightfully due : ENTITLEMENT
  • Sources of annoyance : NUISANCES
  • Edward Norton starred in The __________ Hulk in 2008 : INCREDIBLE
  • Creating immunity against a disease : VACCINATING
  • A male native of Paris : FRENCHMAN
  • Interlinking like Venn diagram circles : OVERLAPPING

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