Word Craze Level 1878 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 1878 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • Enclosing; condensing : ENCAPSULING
  • Something pleasantly unexpected can be called this : SURPRISING
  • Apparel that’s in style or good taste is this : FASHIONABLE
  • Something every person should have the freedom to do or have : HUMANRIGHT
  • The science of farming : AGRICULTURE
  • Went off track for a while : DIGRESSED
  • A compulsive shopper often does this : OVERSPENDS
  • Battle between people from different brackets : CLASSWARFARE
  • When something becomes smaller, it has experienced this : SHRINKAGE
  • French, crescent-shaped pieces of bread : CROISSANTS
  • In the order given : RESPECTIVELY
  • Made one lose a game of chess, essentially : CHECKMATED
  • One’s personal evaluation of an individual or group of people : JUDGEMENT
  • This sort of thing doesn’t occur without human intervention : UNNATURAL
  • To leave out too much when summarizing : OVERSIMPLIFY
  • Foods and habits that are beneficial for health are said to be this : GOODFORYOU
  • A junction where switching roads or continuing are options : INTERCHANGE
  • A person or software that can convert one language into another : TRANSLATOR

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