Word Craze Level 1524 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 1524 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • An approximate calculation made without knowing all the facts : GUESSTIMATE
  • Vanishing out of sight : DISAPPEARING
  • Indiana Jones, James Bond, and Max Rockatansky are examples of these : ACTIONHEROES
  • One who calls upon nature to water the crops : RAINMAKER
  • A _______-____ behavior is often dramatized, caricatured, or silly-looking : CARTOONLIKE
  • A beast that represents one’s personality : SPIRITANIMAL
  • A wrong choice, often retrospectively : BADDECISION
  • To feel anxious or irritable as a result of being under a lot of pressure : STRESSOUT
  • One whose peepers don’t line up properly is this : CROSSEYED
  • Capable of resisting fire or intense heat : FIREPROOF
  • Something strongly praised is this : ACCLAIMED
  • A firework does this and is this : SKYROCKET
  • Physically attacked : ASSAULTED
  • Entry to a show that was once hosted by Bob Saget : VIDEOCLIP
  • Dave _________ is a comedian and star of the 2003-2006 Comedy Central show “_________’s Show” : CHAPPELLE
  • The study of the history of words and their meaning : ETYMOLOGY

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Word Craze Level 1525
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