Word Craze Level 743 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 743 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • A place to stand or share views and ideas with others; Facebook is a social media ________ : PLATFORM
  • A popular dance from the 1950’s named after the movement of a rabbit jumping : BUNNYHOP
  • To confide in someone or to become more accepting of an idea : OPENUPTO
  • Government branch that employs a country’s warriors : MILITARY
  • Transfers from novel to the big screen : ADAPTS
  • To hold tightly and affectionately in one’s arms : EMBRACE
  • Operation Overlord took place here when Allied forces stormed the beaches during WWII : NORMANDY
  • Jack ________, the Golden Bear, is widely considered one of the great American golfers : NICKLAUS
  • This sound may come from a clock or a time bomb : TICKING
  • Neil Patrick Harris played Doogie _______, a teenage doctor prodigy : HOWSER
  • Easy peasy; not complex : SIMPLE
  • What kind of injury is this? : BLACKEYE

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