Word Craze Level 2226 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 2226 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • They are the eldest of the bunch : FIRSTBORNS
  • Surrendering in the face of adversity : CAPITULATING
  • Marks left by someone on snow or sand : FOOTPRINTS
  • Edible gourmet snails : ESCARGOTS
  • Endured through the test of time : WITHSTOOD
  • To include something as part of a whole : INCORPORATE
  • Like a breathtaking view or performance : SPECTACULAR
  • A staple enjoyed with bangers in the UK : MASHEDPOTATO
  • Separating two things that are connected : UNCOUPLING
  • Holds back; imposes limitations : CONSTRAINS
  • Fluoridated substances used twice a day : TOOTHPASTES
  • It’s good for partners to be on the same one : WAVELENGTH
  • The study of the system that sends signals to the brain : NEUROSCIENCE
  • Re-sending an email, often to a new recipient : FORWARDING
  • To broadcast in regular installments : SERIALIZE
  • Acting as though : PRETENDING
  • A shady kind of investment : PONZISCHEME

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Word Craze Level 2227
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