Word Craze Level 1638 – Answers

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Word Craze Level 1638 Answers :

Word Craze Answers

  • To treat a place or thing with violent disrespect : DESECRATE
  • The act of smashing a vehicle under controlled conditions to assess its safety : CRASHTEST
  • Something that’s impossible to copy is this : INIMITABLE
  • Exceptional talent or intelligence : BRILLIANCE
  • A matter of interest for a news team : CURRENTEVENT
  • Stealing an occupied vehicle in a violent manner : CARJACKING
  • Those who strike out or obliterate : EXPUNGERS
  • Repurposed sheets for writing notes : SCRATCHPAPER
  • A superhero-like stance that makes one feel more confident : POWERPOSE
  • An unexpected listener may say to the speakers _ _____ ____! : IHEARDTHAT
  • Tended to someone, e.g. children or animals : LOOKEDAFTER
  • To travel to the other side of a city : GOACROSSTOWN
  • Suddenly became very angry, informally : BLEWAGASKET

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