New york times crossword answers

NYT crosswords Answers :

Still obsessed with the New York Times Crossword ? Perfect ! It’s a widespread hobby ! We continue our non-stop play as well as our quick assistance to help everyone struggling to solve NYT daily crosswords. We do not only solve every daily crossword issued from New York Times but share the solutions too.  We prefered that the solutions would be accessible on the page istantly by offering this structure :

Across Down
Clue 1a : Answer 1a Clue 1d: Answer 1d
Clue 2a : Answer 2a Clue 2d: Answer 2d
Clue xa : Answer xa Clue xd : Answer xd

It’s the best way we’ve found to give you a direct visual insight into the answers.

What to expect to get from our New York Times Answers page ?

As we said, we’re here to help you solve missing words. If you need a word, you’ll definitely find it on this page where you will see :

  1. Daily Update of the crossword answers.
  2. Full clues/answers list, just 15 minutes after the publication of the crossword.
  3. The old answers disappear from the page of the answers and are replaced by the today’s answers.

How to use our NYT crossword answers page ?

There are two ways to use our guide :

I/ Keep the page open in a browser tab

This works for people who are using tabs frequently  to navigate the internet excessively.  If you don’t want to lose your best searches, you just have to:

  1. Open The page in a new tab
  2. When needed, Click on the tabs
  3. Select this tab as your preferred daily nyt crossword solver

II/ You may Save it forever :

This is recommended for those who sort their prefered webpages by the favourite.

  1. Bookmark the page and save it in the folder you use for NYT Crosswords gameplay page.
  2. Open it while playing NYT crosswords to feature the help on your screen

What you should know about NYT Crossword :

One thing is sure, The New York Times has the most popular anglo-saxon crossword in the world and has daily themed clues. It is an inheritance led nowadays by Will Shortz. To find a word, you need to understand its meaning by the clue associated with its position. Instead of being limited to this clue, you may get help by one or more letters already found through intersecting words. This is somehow fantastic but has some limitations.
In fact, if you are facing an “impassable” word and try to place crosswind letters from other clues.  In addition, if you didn’t manage to solving them, then take a break ! Because, ( like in my case ) you will have some headaches.


Not all crosswords are easy to solve, especially the Sunday ones. when you feel like there is no more fun, you can open your browser and visit this cheat page, trust me you will receive a new energy to fix missed words 🙂

All our words fit the crossword.

How to solve York Times Crossword Puzzles in 10 easy Steps :

I think that recurrent players have the same reflexes as me, and even for those who are playing other crosswords from different newspapers like L.A Time, Wall street Journal, The Sun etc. But the following step by step guide has additional quick steps that may reduce and cut the solving time in two. I managed to add them, because they are important.

  1. Put the puzzle in front of you.
  2. Take a pen for the newspaper version or prepare your keyboard for electronic version
  3. Open the page of new york times crossword
  4. Open the New york Times Crossword Cheat sheet ( Optional at the beginning )
  5. Look at the first clue and try to solve it; If you find the answer, you take the shortest crossing word to this one and read its clue to find the answer and so on. If you don’t find the answer to the first clue, then choose another one… and so on.
  6. When you are in the situation where you managed to solve some words and got stuck in some, just visit the answers page and cheat on the longest word and hardest clue you think about.
  7. Write the word.
  8. Close the spoiler page.
  9. The word you placed in the crossword will make other words that are crossing it easier to find. Start by those who already have 1 letter and become 2, you will probably be able to get rid of those quickly.
  10. Resume and restart your solving process starting from step 5.

Playing New York Times Crossword on the Computer :

I previously mentioned that the NYT crossword can be played on a computer, and it’s so easy but has some additional cost. I think it’s worth it for those who buy the newspaper just for the crossword.

  1. Connect to the page of the crossword : NYT crossword page.
  2. The first time, you will be asked to subscribe if you want to play online. Choose to pay monthly or on yearly basis. ( we recommend you to pay the monthly fee and then yearly if you find it interesting ). You will be able to play even the old crosswords, spelling bee and other available tile games.
  3. Click on the Crossword Grid.
  4. Start to solve the crossword.
  5. Comeback tomorrow to play the new crossword.

Cancel New York Times Crossword Subscriptions :

Some get bored, others no longer have time to play crosswords and want to unsubscribe, some players also may find it costy ( even if it is not ). Anyway, each one may have different excuses to unsubscribe from New York Times Crossword.

But no one can find the Unsubscribe Button ! Yes, it’s somehow hard to find how to unsubscribe from the crossword. I’ve searched it for you and suggest you visit this page directly.

US citizens will be able to do it in two ways :

  1. Click on the chat icon and ask for unsubscription.
  2. Call Customer Care Number mentioned on the page.

Non-US people : have to click on “International Contact Information” to be able to find the contact to perform.

New York Times Crossword Tips & Tricks

If you need to master all the new york times crosswords, you will for sure get all the help to solve the tricky clues and the most foolproof way is to visit this page. But not only that ! Because in our blog from time to time we offer new information regarding the nyt crossword. Added to this, we have useful tips and even statistics that may prove useful in certain periods, such as in the pandemic, for example.

In general, our tips are useful at any time and are very helpful for all the clues in any crossword and thats because we are trying to understand the behavior of the crossword constructors. We take the topic from start to finish ! So, take your time and visit  our blog
regularly, it’s worth it !

Here are some big New York Time Crossword tips that will mastering all the hard crosswords published at New York Times :

Skipping 1 across, 1 down:

It’s a reflex! We begin to read from left to right, from top to bottom. The position of the clue at 1a. is where the eyes go easily. But we are often confronted with the difficulty of this word. Do not dwell on it if you find this word hard to find. Instead, get a global overview of the crossword.

Take a global overview of the crossword :

This is the first thing to do when your start a New York Crossword, become familiar with it and guide your guessing skills by looking first at these 3 important elements :

  • Take a look at the mention : “Edited By” to know who is the constructor and if you previously solved  his crosswords ?
  • On Which week day are we ? If it is Sunday, you have to double your attention, because it is the hard ones.
  • Is there a theme in the crossword ?

I will linger to explain how to deal with “Theme Related” crosswords : Most crosswords have themes, when there is a picture a title, then, that’s the theme and some clues are related. In general, those which require longer words ( at least 5 letters ). But don’t focus completely on it because not all the words are theme related.

So, look at the puzzle constructor, the day of the puzzle and “think theme related” when you have multiple answer choices and more than 4 letters.

Look to the center of the puzzle :

After you get the overview, start solving the crossword from the center of the puzzle and start by the word that is the most surrounded by blank tiles. When you succeed to solve it, you will see many new opportunities for words with placed tiles. For example, if you solve a 5 letter word across, you will have 5 down clues each one with a new filled tile. Means, easier to solve !

Scan To find the easiest words :

Take a step back and analyze the clues, scan them to find this kind of easy to solve clues, here are some examaples of really easy clues :

  • Mickey-___ : Mouse
  • Actor of “Titanic”: Dicaprio or Leonardo

When you catch these clues, just answer them, they are built for everyone.

GO SPIDER Technique :

The best and oldest tip in the crosswords is to go spider. When you solve a word, you have to look around, there will be at least one or even two words easy to find because of the placed letters. This new word is solved, new opportunities appear and so …
I called this technique “Go Spider”, in reference to the animal because of its specific sense organs : 4 eyes and cuticles which “block out information about the outside world”. That’s what should happen when you are solving a crossword.

So GO Spider to have a better Focus and solve more clues !

Don’t Look at small words :

Many people advise to look at small words, here at dailynytcrossword answers page, we just … don’t !
Why ? Because it’s wrong.
Puzzle constructors don’t choose 3 letter words because they want people to guess’em ! They just use short words to fill in the crossword. And when a p. constructor is building its crossword, in general, he first do theme related words, then other words and let the small words at the end.

They don’t choose them because they love them. It’s just done to complete a word, for example, A puzzle constructor has a remaining three tiles word with just a letter in the middle. In construction mode, he will need any word that fits the place and there is at least one.

Memorize these 3 letters words :

If you are about to finish a crossword and you have a list of short words left then you will need to memorize our list of the 11 most frequent short words which will help you to solve the maximum of 3 letter words. It is as follows : ERA, ETA, ACE, ALE, ODE, ALA, SEE, ARI, ATE, EAR, ERR.
They are listed in descending order of frequency.

Grammatical relation between Clues and Answers:

The rule is general and is applied also for new york times crossword, always pay attention to the grammatical relation. This is the list of the most relations to keep in mind when answering :

  • Clue in Plural : Answer with “S”, in plural.
  • Clue in Past tense : Answer in Past with “ED”, pay attention of course to irregular verbs.
  • Clue is an action in progressive form : Answer will be in “ING” form too.
  • Clue includes a comparative word : Means the answer ends with “EST” , “IEST” or “ER”
  • Clue is an Adverb with “ly” : Answer will be with “LY”
  • Clue is in a different language or talk about a non english region : Expect the answer to be with this same language for exemple “good morning in Paris” have the answer “Bonjour”.

And this is not everything, because we have an additional collection of tips in solving crosswords posted in our blog, you may take a look there and pick up additional tips.

Wrap it all :

Our New York Times Crossword solver is the best and easiest cheat on the internet. Just sit, play and when you cross a hard to word, open the page of Daily Nyt crossword to pick up its answer. It is set to be easy to use by everybody. We love nyt crosswords especially monday ones ( yes ) but we know how to solve them all even Sunday crosswords. That’s why our guide is comprehensive and ready to use.

We update the page every day and it contains all the New York Times crossword answers. Players who use our powerful tips will reduce the time spent on solving the puzzle. Literally !

For players looking to expand their knowledge, the blog built for that purpose is really comprehensive and contains various topics. If you are looking for full solving crosswords competences, Dailynytcrossword page is the choice for you.

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